Sunday, January 4, 2009

nuar's wedding

nuar is my office mate a.k.a roommate (dlm ofis laa, we have 7 ppl inside that room) while wanie work at BKP but both work at JPA...
nuar's at Johor so me&nida decide to go to wanie's @ Dewan Datuk Othman Harun, Kem Wardieburn, KL...
we arrived late and met fairuz (pengapit nuar) and zul&wifey...
nuar is so excited to see and hold baby raina hehe (fairuz&zul hold raina oso!)

nuar and wanie practising :)

aznida&me wif newly-wed couple

us@nuar's wedding

mr.R quite impressed wif the card's design...
artistic and at the same time very affordable...

55 cent each!!

the door gift (tinggal sket gula2, da makan!) and the card's front page

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Hairul Anuar bin Abd Rahim
Afeef Qairiawanie binti Kamaruddin

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