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second child syndrome

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second child syndrome

First son: three baby showers - coworkers, girlfriends, and family members
Second son: none

First son: Adorable, new, stylish, perfectly-matched outfits, lovingly washed in fragrance-free detergent, folded neatly and placed in paper-lined dresser drawers
Second son: Hand-me-downs and consignment store finds, typically pulled from the laundry basket full of clothes which have been ready to fold for two days

First son: sanitizing wipes on the grocery cart topped by adorable padded shopping cart cover
Second son: throw the receipts and stray lettuce leaves out of the cart and plop him into the front

First son: Baby book kept current and complete as time passed
Second son: I need to buy a baby book, I suppose

First son: Four different studio portraits taken in his first year
Second son: I may find time for the second trip to the photo studio before his first birthday…and I should really get a frame for that one we got done at Christmas so we can put a picture of him on the wall

First son: constant awareness of his actions and activities around the house
Second son: where did that bruise come from?

First son: Daddy-made personal homepage, complete with current photos and milestones
Second son: a dozen or so snapshots in my free Photobucket account… from three months ago

First son: diaper changes every two hours like clockwork
Second son: what do you mean you didn’t change him? You thought I did? I was loading the car, YOU were supposed to change him!

First son: the smallest smear of food or spitup warrants a new outfit
Second son: hey, these green beans from dinner make a nice contrast next to the banana from breakfast on those overalls

First son: strict, conservative calendar awareness so no potentially allergenic solid foods are introduced too early
Second son: Wait, can they have citrus at one year or 9 months? Oops.

First son: 1st birthday party features cute theme in primary colors, complete with matching decorations, plates, party favors, hats, separate tiny cake for baby, elaborate menu planned for weeks, and invitations to all neighbors, friends, and extended family on both sides
Second son: You can’t be serious… it is THIS week? 1 year old? I wonder if your mom would make a cake. She’s out of town? Damn. I guess I’ll call my parents and tell them to come over. We still have paper plates left over from the 4th of July, don’t we?

First son: OMG, he has a runny nose! Call the doctor!
Second son: Eh, he’s probably teething.

First son: Playgroups, swim lessons, music class, etc.
Second son: Go play with your brother.

"i'm a second child (female) out of 6 (5 daughter & 1 boy). i never knew second child syndrome until recently and realized that i had the symptoms of middle child syndromes. i used to be a loner and have always been distant with my parents when i was younger.

i thought that i should inform you that although a child is suffering from middle child syndrome, do not worry because they would grow up to become unique, independent and diplomatic than other siblings (am i???).

if you have been informed about middle child syndrome being present in your child, i suggest that parents keep an open mind and stop the belief that you are doing your best with all your children (my parents). this aspect is important as middle children do not tend to express their need for attention and may cause them to resort to physical aggression with siblings...

hopefully that i will treat my kidzz equally... hence mr.R is first child out of 4... "

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