Monday, May 31, 2010

al-fatihah buat sheema wahid

been very busy with hectic schedule aka outdoor modules... started on 2nd may for army module plus muka legam mcm buntut kuali... and minggu meluahkan perasaan (declared by me!)... continued with police module and just come back from BS (bina semangat) module...

one of our friends, my sidang (group) to be exact, sheema wahid died at 6.44 am today because of lung infection... i get close with her when we're jalan lasak during army training time, both of us thought that our daughters waited for us @ PULADA at that time... singing and chatting about our loved ones all the time, even planned to get pregnant together after DPA :) and kept spirit each other... anyway, jalan lasak = brought backpack of 4 kg beg pasir and walked for 6 km...

yaa, she's very strong woman... very tough mom of hylda daenia... went to HTAR yesterday, never knowing that was the last time i saw her :( a bit menyesal don't get close with her earlier but still, memory with her will cherish till ever after...

me & sheema

news about her, seriously said most of them ditokok tambah... enough said, saya dah tak larat dan tak tau cerita sebenar, there's too much version :(

i miss her already :( al-fatihah


d.O.n.A.t said...

al fatihah..
dpt tau pg smlm lepas ada announcement di office. mungkin saya tak kenal Arwah tp mungkin pernah terserempak di kafe..

acik ayu said...

auch sy lmbt la hawa.

rupenye die kezen besfren skola sy dulu.

mane cerita sbnrnye ek?

sedih plak. :( even x kenal pon die

haWa said...

ooo u kat MOF ye? kdg2 tanpa sangka kite related ngan org2 tu kan?

cerita sebenar nnt saya citer sendiri... huhuh sedih sgt smpi la ni :( lagi2 teringt anak arwah :(

Hana' Yusuff said...

salam hawa,
sedih juga baca tak byk sgt search.nanti hawa cerita ye kisahnya macam mana.Al-Fatihah