Thursday, February 19, 2009

new experience for me

mr.R's work schedule -
2 days - morning shift - 7am - 7pm
2 days - off
2 days - night shift - 7pm - 7am
2 days - off
rotate.... so, basically mr.R just work 15 days a month heheh

when mr.R working night shift and off at that day, his task is to send and pick me&raina...
and nida will follow us....
when mr.R working morning shift, i will follow nida...
her sis will send and pick us...
so, nida will help with my stuff x padan kecik barang byk ...
my stuff to office beside my handbag are....

avent cooler bag for fresh ebm stock that day
mlo cooler bag for raina fresh ebm stock (stock the day b4)
LeSportSac bag for Spectra3 pump + bottle
raina's nursery bag

it means i have to bring 5 bags everyday to office... ~sigh~
and nida always help me carry avent cooler bag and LeSportSac upstairs to office@level 6 while i send raina to nursery@lobby :)
the story is...
nida off to langkawi for disciplinary course and mr.R working morning shift today and tomorrow...
and it means i will go to office alone wif raina erkkkk
takkan nak ambil cuti semata2 sebab ni laks
huhuh so yesterday nite i asked mr.R to set raina's car seat and brought along raina's nursery bag & LeSportSac bag to car earlier and i will bring 2 cooler bags and my handbag next morning... luckily, nida's boss also off to langkawi so i will park my car at her car park...

raina didn't meragam the whole journey to and back from office for both days :)
only the 1st day when we're back from office, she cried when i place her at her car seat...
but when the car start moving, she yawned and sleep until we get home :p
heheh gumbira rase hati ini... my mission completed :)

p/s: mentang2 laa da senang bawa raina naik kete sorang... and i say to mr.R, "balik keje nak singgah alamanda sat" hehehhe =))

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