Friday, November 13, 2009

birthday raina

lots of suggestions and planning be made for raina's 1st birthday this saturday that is totally no party with huge birthday cake whatsoever:
  • PD mcm tak je, not book any hotel & mr.R works night shift
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • going to any park - not bird park, already there
  • Menara KL
  • National Zoo - takut panas jek
  • aQuaria KLCC again?
  • Nilai 3
  • Ik3a
so, final decision just wait and see... btw, happy birthday my dear raina... loving u is the most happiest thing in the world (.")(",)

nway, tQ for all wishes thru sms & fb & email esp my family, frens, officemate... also, huge thanks and hugs&kisses from raina to my family-in-law (makLang kat sini sambut sekali) for special entry for their first grandchild :)


iman said...

wah raina, ada special entry gitu :), happy belated birtday raina from auty seri & kakak iman! semoga sihat selalu. mama bawa celebrate kat mana ni?

Kong said...

hepi bday raina, bday girl muah3x

dira said...

eppy bday raina :d kire aku jemput mkn kat pan pac tuh celebrate bday raina laa :D hehe