Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday nites

with every Friday night has a performance night, we already fully-booked every Friday night till the end of DPA... for the first week was Malam Semarak Budi (i guess so), compilation of all Sidang's performance... ours was Fusion Dance, this was 1st time ever i danced ok... yg penting, bukan gelek punye... others performance were drama, pantomime, 1 Malaysia dance and dikir barat... we're told to prepare this night a day before and the rehearsal started in the morning...

all with black tudungs were dancer... (yes,including me... pipi merah~)
dunno else what to contribute!

guess me?

the following Friday night was Cerita Rakyat Melayu (sort of that!) by Sidang A, they were just completed their Modul Pengurusan Projek! compilation of stories - Pak Kaduk, Pak Pandir, Si Tanggang, Puteri Santubong & Sejinjang and all sort of Malay dances! it's gr8 & maveles!

Tarian Patendu Patende?

Tarian Bermukun?

both farahs, hajar (my roommate), me, aisyah, ain, shima, nisa

and it means no permission for go back home will be given on Friday nights...

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