Saturday, March 27, 2010

kiddo love

been stucked in DPA for a month really make me miss raina & mr.R so much... so when we have time to back home, usually on Saturday and must return to INTAN Bukit Kiara before 12 pm the day after, i will totally take care of raina... before this, it's like ala, awaklah mandikan die, suapkan die makan but now, it's ok, i'll do it by myself, no further question asked...

for first week, raina didn't recognized me when my father brought her to INTAN cause i really missed her! maybe because i hold her at that time (yes, she didn't saw me!) and she's still sleepy. the next week, i asked a permission to go back home as she had fever, arrived home @ 1 am and returned @ 7 am (bolehkan saja)... she didn't want me, she's hold her father only... seriously, saya nangis giler teruk! but, what to do? i've to continue my DPA right? else, resign?

but following weeks, when i got home, raina was so cuddle... OMG, she banged at bathroom door when i having my bath! she didn't want mr.R to suap her, ooo i just understood her why she's pulled my dress, sorry dear! dan tak boleh kalau tak nampak saya... so adorable!

and for mr.R, die makin cengkung, tak cukup rehat, tak cukup makan! he took care of raina alone by himself cukup 1 bulan inih really make me in love again with him (.")(",) i married to mr.Right! he said to me on first week, saya dah hafal semua lagu kat Playhouse Disney Channel hahahah he's singing Chunggingtown song (which i didn't know ok) just moment before... such a darl, make up good work dear!

another 26 weeks to go, pray for us!


Papa Neen said...

Mr. R, jom layan Playhouse Disney... :-D

mrs & miss hamzah said...

suggestion dr abg long, pertandingan menyanyi lagu2 dr playhouse disney between papa haneen & abah raina, diadili oleh abah nazhan, muzik oleh pak teh :p :P take care!