Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1 week quarantined day

1 week holiday Quarantined day;

  • postponed all HPA thingy to next week :)
  • helped mama tidied the house
  • went to office 3 times only this week
  • took care of raina while mama did house chores
  • finished ironed all the clothes *clap**clap*
  • cooked everyday *clap**clap* including sandwich and roti bakar keju
  • washed all comforters, pillows, pillow covers, bedsheets, raina's soft toys
  • vacuumed and moped atas bawah the kitchen, living room and balcony while mr.R@office and nisah took care of raina, penat giler seh
  • succeed for didn't went out of our home for the whole week :)

  • helped mama tidy the house
  • computer class
  • learned to feed herself
  • bengkel mekanik (apa yg rosak nih??)

  • the most important subject, learned how to appreciate (sengih nampak gigi) when ppl gave u something, say thank you :) and of course, know how to pass things back, so cute aww hahaha ignored the messy selekeh background and my big laugh :p so funny of raina

it have been 2-days i didn't saw her @ nursery during lunch time since we send her to new nursery, miss her already :(


dseri said...

paling kagum tak kluar rumah seminggu!!!! kak seri sehari pun boleh menagis :(

haWa said...

ala awe kerja k.seri, tak terasa sgt... tapi terasa gak tak kuar rumah seminggu :(

sobirinH said...

wah! terharu nye tengok video raina gelak2! series kiut! dah besar dah anak angkat sy nih (pandai2 buat anak angkat sndri :-P)
haha,, tolong mengemas rumah ke, tolong kecah kan? :-P