Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy birthday dira!!!


Dear Dira,

You're such a good example
Of what a friend should be
We always get along so well
Even when we disagree

You're so patient
And understanding
You don't ask for anything
You're never demanding

You're so quick to give
And such a joy to be around
You're such a good person
You deserve a special crown

You have a good heart
And you're honest and true
You're the best friend
And I really love you

Dira, bcoz of our distant, i can't give the actual cupcakes...
but here is your cupcakes from me to you!!!
courtesy to kakwiz!
if kakwiz and shida know anyone that take cupcakes order in Seberang Prai, just let me know!


fizz said...

happy birthday dira...

hawa...nak gak, hehe

haWa said...

fizz, leh je...
tunggu 8 julai nnt...

fizz said...