Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3 cuz

oh yes, it's very hard to capture this 3 little cousins!
even with 5 adults involved, terpekik sana sini suruh dok diam...
nak suruh senyum lagi satu hal heheheh :)

location: atas kereta atOk
time: tengah tunggu waktu berbuka
actor: raina humaira, hilmi nazhan, haneen athira
photographer: me & nisah

raina, nazhan, haneen

hawa jr, hasnah jr, hajar jr :)

nazhan can sit without support, he's now 11 months...
raina&haneen are 9 months old, still need someone to hold them :)

nazhan saw her mother, start do the minta simpati face!
haneen saw her own reflection at atOk's car!

raina, y your head terlentok begitu???

nazhan start crying but what the motive for holding raina's chin?
haneen trying to make nazhan calm by rub his thigh heheh :)

if u notice, raina's face in all the pictures are same, no expressions at all :)
and here is the 5 serak-anak-tekak adults and babies...

me&raina, k.hajar&haneen, nisah&nazhan, hasnah, hanan
pic taken by mr.R

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