Tuesday, September 1, 2009


oh no, i missed my tarawih last night! reason bcoz we have to rush to Alamanda after maghrib prayer as lots of groceries finished already... back home, felt really exhausted! so after raina sleep @ 10.30pm, we joined her also and OMG, wake up @ 5.35am! sahur pun rushed huhuh tarawih, isyak all gone with ~ wind ~

i never miss tarawih since my secondary school (except if PMS) and after having baby, trying my best to perform tarawih either alone or with mr.R, even never have chance to go to surau @ mosque...

sometimes, i'm quite confused with some other muslim that focused more to syawal fest compared to ramadhan... are they never thought to get Ramadhan barakah? reason are takde masa, balik keje lambat, penat but they CAN spend time shopping raya, bought lots of baju raya, change curtain, sofa sheet (all must in set)! ade masa pulak :?

anyway, my dad tell me Masjid Negeri provide nursery for toddlers above 2 y.o. free of charge when moms perform tarawih :) so, let solat tarawih!!! more about tarawih, click here :)

p/s: i just know that fadilat tarawih is fake, click here...

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