Saturday, August 1, 2009

a day with raina!

day by day, raina's explore skill gained more!
and me being supportive mOm, just let her being mobile, knowing that "tummy time" is important so that baby can learn to push up and eventually crawl!
if mr.R's turn to take care, raina's play mat is only on comforter ok :p
ok, let see what raina do the whole day...
as my umi said, mobile broom and mop on-the-work...
she's so addicted with the wheels and strings...

the cradle wheels!

raina @ balcony!
as stated above, this time with the tempat-gantung-baju wheels!
have to bath and change her cloth again bcoz of the dusty balcony floor...
so, inside the house only, wait till mOm have time to scrub the floor :)

mOm, can't i go out please?
i promise not to get my clothes dirty!

ooo my persuasion has been rejected!
i'm gonna pull the table cloth!

mOm, why i can't pull the table cloth?
do you put something heavy on the table?

ooo ok, this is where my diaper come from...
raina's poo too often nowadays, tak larat eden wash the cloth diaper, so back to disposable diapers...

enough for today! anyway, i've superb mOm!!!
u can be more if u let me play @ the balcony hehehe

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