Monday, December 7, 2009

makan tido

saya dah try ajar raina untuk cuba makan sendiri - biskut, cut fruit, finger foods or something that can be hold since she was 8 months old (ikut buku!) but she just stares at them or play with it... so, saya rase belum tibe masanya lagi...
when raina almost 1 y.o., kat nurseri ade mak budak yg saje2 bagi raina biskut dan alhamdulillah she inserts into her mouth and eat it... walaupun, die akan kemam biskut sampai lembik baru makan despite of bite it straight away, but of course i'm glad...
senang keje mama, make her sit down on her bumbo seat and give her biscuit... usually the long piece will take 10 minutes... but she's done with the 3rd biscuit, already full maybe... and she will throws away (ish, tak baik membazir macam ni raina!) and end up, me finished it!
nway, rupenye penat makan biskut ye sampai tertidur2 anak mama ni :)

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