Friday, December 11, 2009

tentang makan lagi

raina doesn't want to eat porridge only even i put carrot, potato, chicken etc, kat nurseri boleh pulak... usually i will make chicken soup, sup ikan merah, singgang, masak kicap, sup sayur and prawn too to eat with the rice @ porridge! sotong & daging kadang2 aje sebab gigi raina baru 4, nak masuk 6 :)

now, it's really hard to make raina finished her meal... usually i will eat together with her, she likes it bcoz she knows she has the same grown-up food with me... but sometimes if she has her dinner earlier, it means no more bumbo seat! (yes, she's already know how to get out-of-seat since she was 11 m.o)... dinner will be served around the living room! die akan ke sana ke sini, bawah meja pc, bawah meja makan, almari, tepi playpen, atas sofa, no wonder semut pun makin banyak!)...

it really keeps my patience away! huhu anyway fikir2 balik why i should be angry with her? i don't want to be mad just bcoz she doesn't want to eat! she will finished her meal and it really takes time... so, the solution was i divided the food into small portion (same goes when i was in primary school, dah tak larat makan tapi taknak membazir :) suap her and let her play around while me watching tv, online, lipat baju ke and suap her again another few minutes...

and it goes well, she finished her meal while i keep my temper hahah

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